How To Install Ngrok In Termux?

How To Install Ngrok In Termux?

The steps to installing Ngrok in Termux are listed below. To avoid making any mistakes, carefully follow each step one at a time. Please be aware that you must wait until each command has finished.

1. To update and upgrade your Termux repositories, first open Termux and then execute the command below.

” pkg update && pkg upgrade -y “

2. Now enter the command below. The Termux command listed below will instal the zip and wget packages. Here, wget will be used to download Ngrok while zip will be used to unzip the zipped folder.

” pkg install zip wget -y “

3. Now type the below command as it is to download Ngrok in your Termux.

” wget

Wait for the download to complete. Depending on your Internet speed, downloading Ngrok could take up to two to five minutes.

4. Type the below command in your Termux to unzip the Ngrok folder.

” unzip

If it is 👆not works then use this command

” tar xvzf

After Unzipping, use the below command to give Ngrok permission to read, write, and execute.

” chmod +x ngrok “

6. Click the following link to access the Ngrok website now:

Open Ngrok Website

Now click on the Signup button, and then create a new account on Ngrok.

The Ngrok account has to be verified right now. To validate your Ngrok account, open your email. You may see Ngrok email there. Just open the email and click the account confirmation button.

7. Now sign in to Ngrok using your email address and password, then browse to the Ngrok page and look for the auth token. Then just enter the command below in Termux, replacing “YOUR AUTH TOKEN” with your own auth token.

” ./ngrok authtoken YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN_HERE “

Note: Replace <YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN> with your auth token.

Running the above command will add your auth token to your ngrok.yml file. Connecting an account will list your open tunnels in the dashboard, give you longer tunnel timeouts.

8. So, your Termux has successfully installed Ngrok. To learn how to utilise Ngrok in Termux, execute the command below.

” ./ngrok help “

Note: Open your mobile hotspot and restart Ngrok to fix the reconnection issue.


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