How To Create Wordlist From Cupp Tool?

 How To Create Wordlist From Cupp Tool?

create a cupp tool word list – Hi guys if you are looking to create a cupp tool word list and are looking for the best article for the best explanation on how to make a cupp tool word list. So you are in good place.
Today I’m going to share a step-by-step guide on “creating a word list from cupp tool”. Through this article you can get a lot of information about how to create wordlist from cupp tool, how to create wordlist in android, how to hack instagram from wordlist, what is wordlist. And I’m sure you’ll never get all this unique information like we do on the internet anywhere else.
Cupp tool

create wordlist from cupp tool

create wordlist from cupp tool

Hello and welcome to another great post. Today I’m going to tell you about word lists and how to create an accurate list from termux or kali linux or any OS. Please let us know the details.

What is wordlist/pass list/bruteforce list

Hacking accounts and identities has become more important, making it nearly impossible to hack social media accounts instead of phishing. Today, let’s use the word list concept to simplify account hacking from automated accounts. It’s just a collection or group of guessed written words in a text file. This text file is used to hack the target account using any brute force tool. In this list, each word gives details of the victim, such as name. Number, date of birth, child’s name, car number, pet’s name, etc. This is how hackers use this method to hack accounts. However, this method does not guarantee successful account hacking. But you can still try your luck.

#Follow Below Steps

Install and update termux from the play store with all up-to-date packages of termux.

$ apt-get update -y

$ apt-get upgrade -y

$ pkg install python && python 2

$ cd $HOME

$ pkg install git -y

$ git clone

$ cd cupp

$ python3

Now here the tool starts and asks you for the pass list name, just give it a name and then it will ask for some information. About your victim, just fill in all the information one by one. txt file will be saved in the same folder, now open that file and use the list of tags wherever you want.

$ cat pass.txt

The list will be displayed on the terminal.
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