How To Enable Extra Keys In Termux

How To Enable Extra Keys In Termux | Enable Any Key Termux

When using the termux app, we use the built-in Touch keyboard whenever we need to use keys like Control, Alt, or Up or Down Arrows. However, the arrows to the right and left, as well as other keys seen on a standard keyboard, are absent from that touch keyboard.

A large number of users, including YouTubers, instal the hacker’s keyboard to gain access to additional keys when using termux. It seems like a waste of storage to me, and switching from my Google keyboard to a more difficult one just to utilise termux would be too much work.

However, creating a properties file using the termux’s provided code requires a little bit of work. If you want to use additional keys in termux, you can use some commands from the official termux website. You may now enable those keys by simply pasting a single command that I just compiled from several instructions.

How to Make Every Key Active in Termux:

Unless and until you are performing anything that requires all of these keys together, I don’t think using this open is a good idea.

This command should be copied, pasted, and then entered.

mkdir $HOME/.termux/ ;echo “extra-keys = [[‘F1′,’F2′,’F3′,’F4′,’F5′,’F6′,’F7’],[‘ESC’,’/’,’-‘,’HOME’,’UP’,’END’,’PGUP’],[‘TAB’,’CTRL’,’ALT’,’LEFT’,’DOWN’,’RIGHT’,’PGDN’]]” >> $HOME/.termux/ && termux-reload-settings && sleep 1 && logout


In termux, enabling keys requires 4-5 instructions, but I didn’t want to waste your time by splitting them; instead, I created a single command to accomplish the task. If you can’t seem to find the key you’re looking for, you can look it up on termux-wiki and then change the name of the key in any command to enable the key you want.


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