How To Change Theme In Termux

How To Change Theme In Termux | Change Font In Termux

 Termux: style add-on, a paid app available on the Play Store, enables you to modify the font colour and theme of your Termux application. We will learn how to change termux themes utilising the termux-style to change themes for free in this post.👾


How to install termux-style: 

Step 1:

This command will check the dependencies and update them to the current date.

* apt update && apt upgrade -y *

Press N if you ask about the version.

Step 2:

With the help of this command, we can download projects from the GitHub repository by installing the git package.

* pkg install git -y *

(While installing if it is asking do you wanna install just press y.)

Step 3:
the git-clone command will download the desired project from the GitHub repository.
* git clone *

Step 4:

If you don’t understand this command, it’s highly recommended that you read this blog post, “Basic Termux commands complete guide.” Here, we are changing directory and providing access to the setup file.

* cd termux-style && chmod +x install *

Step 5::

Running the setup file of termux-style, after this command termux-style will be installed on termux.

* ./install *

How to Use Termux style to change the theme in termux:

Step 1:

Type this command any time you wanna change the theme of the termux app.

* termux-style *

Enjoy. 🥰 

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