How To Hack Front Camera Using Termux – CAMPHISH

How To Hack Front Camera Using Termux – CAMPHISH

 Learn how to instal and use the CamPhish tool in Termux in this post to transmit a link and take photographs with the front camera from any location.


CamPhish uses a technique to take photos with the victim’s front camera or computer webcam. It runs a PHP-based phishing website and generates links using Ngrok and serveo.

This created URL must be shared with your victim, who will be prompted to grant access to their camera. Your Terminal will begin receiving Cam Files as soon as your victim clicks the Allow button.

The only goal of this post is education. We won’t be held accountable if you use this information for anything other than instruction in such circumstances. If you use this for illicit activities, you risk going to jail.

Download termux from playstore .


apt-get update && upgrade
apt-get -y install php openssh git wget
git clone


cd CamPhish
chmod777 *
Then you have to choose the method to generate link from Ngrok or Serveo
(I will recommend use Ngrok)

Turn ON your Device Hotspot without that it Ngrok will not generate Link.



Choose any YouTube video and copy its url
In termux only enter: gd8J3V7cmS4
(Press enter)

It will start PHP and Ngrok Server make sure Mobile Hotspot is ON.

Then you will get a direct link send it to your target.

If didn’t got any link press Ctrl+c to stop that and start all the steps again from cd CamPhish.

When your target clicks on that link, a phoney page using the template you selected will appear. He will be prompted to grant access to the camera.

You will begin receiving Cam files as soon as he clicks “Allow”!

How Are Cam Files Opened?

Create a folder called 0cam in your file manager by clicking it, then enter this.

cd CamPhish
mv (image name) /sdcard/0cam
Eg: mv cam03Jun2020060444.png /sdcard/0cam

Now you can view the image from your Gallery.


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