How To Download Youtube Premium Apk

 How To Download Youtube Premium Apk ?

YouTube Pro :

  • This is a similar app that looks exactly like youtube, in this everything happens like youtube without ad video playing.
  • So in this way, this platform was working. Was giving everything for free.
  • You know that if we play anything on YouTube, it does not play in the background.
  • But on YouTube, it was that whatever we play, we can play it in the background as well.

So you have to turn on picture and picture mode. If you want to use dark mode, then you have to select dark mode. You have to always keep background play on in it.

YouTube premium

YouTube premium free only 29kb size 🥰 download and share ✌️


• picture in picture mode

• support login 

• Video Downloader in internal storage 

• Ads Blocker

• Shows Number of Dislikes

• Background Audio Player

• auto sponsor skip


• nothing ✌️

This app is on my telegram channel 👇

First you have to install microg [ click here 👈] to install 

download Now

Made by 😃🥰

How to enable shorts button on home screen .

Enable this shorts button 👆
Tap on profile picture > settings > youtube pro > layout settings > shorts component > enable shorts button and shorts shelf.

Enjoy 🥰.


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