How To Install Metasploit 6 On Android Without Error ?

How To Install Metasploit 6 On Android Using Termux Without Error (No Root)?

 It won’t work if you download termux from f-droid.

So download termux from playstore.

In this tutorial, we’ll discover how to instal Metasploit 6 on Android devices without having to root them. The RUBY-based Metasploit framework is used for both ethical and illegal hacker penetration testing.

Android devices use termux as a terminal emulator, similar to how a terminal is used in Linux to execute commands. Using the package manager, we may instal a basic package.

Termux is used to instal Metasploit 6 on Android.

The steps to instal Metasploit 6 on an Android phone using Termux are as follows:

Step 1: If you have not installed termux then install it from the play store not f-droid .

Step 2: Run the following command :

$  apt update
$  apt upgrade -y

Step 3: Install the required packages using this command:

$  pkg install wget curl openssh git -y

Step 4: Now we need to install nucurses utility programming library

$  apt install ncurses-utilts

Step 5: We have completed all prerequisites for Metasploit 6 in full. Run the following command to instal Metasploit 6 right away:

$  source <(curl -fsSL

Or You can use manual process using these commands:

$  pkg install wget

$  wget

$  chmod +x

$  ./

Installing takes 30-40 minute

Note: You need 1GB-2GB space in the device for installing this framework.

Metasploit 6 is successfully installed on your device you can check it using the below command:

$  msfconsole


Enjoy 🥰.

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