How To Install Lazy Script In Termux – 2022

How To Install Lazy Script In Termux – 2022

 I’m going to tell you about a termux tool that was created just for novices in this post.

Technical Mujeeb on GitHub developed a utility called Termux Lazy Script that enables you to utilise Termux in the laziest possible manner. With this programme, you can complete tasks by making choices. This script is helpful for beginners because the majority of new users don’t know the commands, and it will provide them with a list of possibilities from which they can choose a task to complete without giving a command.

The Termux lazy script is a simple tool that will assist you with beginner-level tasks like showing I configuration results, telling your public IP, architecture, storage information, and user ID. It also includes two brute force tools that will assist you in brute-forcing Hotmail and Yahoo, which will not be very helpful in 2022. Some tools don’t work right now, but maybe they will after some time.

Heart-Bleed scanner, Public IP, and Whois lookup are a few helpful features in the Termux-Lazy-Script. To choose which tool is your favourite, you can try each one separately. Don’t anticipate too much from this script unless you are an advanced or intermediate user of Termux. You Need to Learn Some Serious Advanced Information.

How to install Lazy Script in Termux:

Simply copy-paste the commands listed below one at a time to instal Termux-Lazy-Script in your Termux app.

Step 1:

The dependencies will be examined and updated with the most recent information by this command.

 apt update && apt upgrade -y

Press Enter if asks about the version.

Step 2:

Python 2 and git will be installed in your termux by this command. The Lazy-script will be downloaded from the GitHub repository using the Git package.

 pkg install git python2 -y

Step 3:

By using the git-clone command, the desired project can be downloaded from the GitHub repository.

 git clone

Step 4:

If you have any questions about this command or need a thorough reference to basic Termux commands, please visit this blog: [Basic Termux commands complete tutorial].

 cd Termux-Lazyscript

Step 5:

Give Executable permissions to every file in the current directory.

 chmod +x *

Step 6:

Install Requirements for the Termux Lazy script by typing below command


Run Lazy Script:

By using the command shown below, you can start the lazy script. If you restart Termux, you must first enter Termux-Lazyscript before you can type the command below.


Enjoy 🥰.

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