How to Use Your Phone to Control IoT Devices

 The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more part of our daily lives, and as the number of networked devices grows, so does the need for security. As more devices connect to the internet, hackers find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in those devices. This blog post explains how to hack and control his IoT device using an Android device.

Hacking with Android

First, it’s important to understand the basics of IoT device communication. Many IoT devices use simple protocols such as HTTP and MQTT to communicate with other devices and servers. By understanding these protocols, you can use your Android device to intercept and manipulate communications between IoT devices and their servers.

A popular tool for intercepting and manipulating network traffic on Android devices is an app called ‘mitmproxy’. This tool allows you to intercept and modify your phone’s network traffic. This is useful for IoT devices using HTTP or MQTT. Once the communication is intercepted, tools such as the burp suite can be used to manipulate the data sent to the IoT device.

Another technique that can be used to control IoT devices is to exploit vulnerabilities in the device’s firmware. Many IoT devices use outdated or insecure firmware that can be easily exploited. Tools like Nmap and Metasploit can be used to scan for vulnerable devices and exploit them to gain control over your devices.

Once you have control over your IoT devices, you can use them for a variety of purposes, including: B. Creating a botnet or launching a DDoS attack. However, it is important to note that hacking and controlling IoT devices without the owner’s consent is illegal and can lead to serious consequences.


hacking with Android can be a capable device for controlling IoT gadgets. By understanding the essentials of IoT gadget communication and utilizing the proper devices, you’ll be able caught and control arrange activity, and abuse vulnerabilities within the device’s firmware. In any case, it is vital to utilize these procedures morally and as it were for legitimate purposes.

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