How To Install Nethunter Os In Rooted Device

 How To Install Nethunter Os In Rooted Device

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In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of installing the Netunter operating system on a rooted device. You may learn a lot about nethunter through this post, including what it is, how to use it on an Android device, how to use it to hack Instagram, and other topics. And I can guarantee you won’t find as much original information online anyplace else as we do.

how to install nethunter os in rooted device

Hello everyone, I’m here with another incredible post. Today, let’s learn more about how to instal NetHunter on a rooted device using simple methods.

What is nethunter?

Nethunter is a penetration testing operating system for pen testers and hackers. Its user interface is identical to that of Kali Linux, but there are differences in the tools and some tweaks. Nethunter was developed by offensive security, and as we all know, they have produced numerous other operating systems, pentesting tools, and frameworks for various types of testing. In rooted devices, installing nethunter is simple. You just need to meet the prerequisites, and it will be installed in Android. You can use nethunter as a cmd interface or even a graphical interface. Unfortunately, not all tools are accessible to users who are not rooted, so make sure you only use those that are.

#Follow Below Steps

Make sure you follow the below requirements.

> 8 GB of data storage

> 2 GB internet data

> 3 GB of ram for better performance

>  Android with 5.0.0 and higher

>  Rooted device

If you have finished all the criteria, you can use the commands listed below.

1. Download the necessary files and apps before moving on to the next step.


File provided by noob hacker 

2. Once they have been downloaded, extract all of the apps and files from the internal storage. Open the Nethunter main app and Nethunter terminal app after installation, and grant superuser access. Next, open the official NetHunter programme, and then click Kali Chroot Manager. Click on Install Kali Chroot there. Now that two options are shown, choose the second one, which stands for offline installation. The location of the Kali chroot file will appear after clicking on it. Now, rename that with the example name shown below.

Example :- /storage/emulated/0/kalifs-full.tar.xz

The installation procedure will now begin, and depending on your device’s speed, it could take up to two hours or more. Wait till we upload the complete Nethunter course after you can slide to the right to see all the installed tools.
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