8 ball pool full details

8 Ball Pool is a popular online game that allows players to compete against each other in realistic pool matches. The game features realistic physics, stunning graphics, and various game modes to suit different skill levels and preferences. In this blog post, we will give you some details about 8 Ball Pool, such as how to play, how to earn coins and cash, and how to join clubs and tournaments.

How to play 8 Ball Pool

To play 8 Ball Pool, you need to create an account or log in with your Facebook or Google account. You can then choose to play a quick match with a random opponent, or challenge your friends or other players online. You can also practice offline in the practice mode.

The game follows the standard rules of pool, with some variations depending on the game mode. You can choose between 8-ball and 9-ball modes, as well as different table sizes and cue types. The basic goal is to pot all your balls before your opponent does, while avoiding fouls and scratches.

To aim and shoot, you need to drag the cue on the screen and adjust the power and spin. You can also use the fine-tune option to make precise shots. You can chat with your opponent during the match using predefined messages or emojis.

How to earn coins and cash

Coins and cash are the main currencies in 8 Ball Pool. You need coins to enter matches, buy cues, and upgrade your skills. You need cash to buy premium items, such as rare cues, chat packs, and scratch cards.

You can earn coins by winning matches, completing daily missions, spinning the lucky wheel, watching ads, or opening free boxes. You can also buy coins with real money or exchange them for cash.

You can earn cash by leveling up, completing achievements, opening cash boxes, or buying them with real money. You can also get cash as a reward for participating in special events or promotions.

How to join clubs and tournaments

Clubs and tournaments are ways to interact with other players and compete for bigger prizes. You can join a club or create your own club with your friends. As a club member, you can chat with other members, donate and request coins, and play club matches. You can also earn club points by winning matches and contribute to your club’s ranking and rewards.

Tournaments are timed events that require an entry fee and have a limited number of participants. You can join a tournament by paying the fee with coins or cash. You will then be matched with other players in a bracket format. The winner of each match advances to the next round until there is only one champion left. The prizes for tournaments vary depending on the entry fee, the number of participants, and the difficulty level.

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